Double Acting High Tonnage Hydraulic Jack for OEM

Double Acting High Tonnage Hydraulic Jack for OEM
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Over the years, we have always been engaged in the manufacture of Z8-2, Rosuvastatin Calcium, Iohexol Advance Intermediate with an attitude of learning and a vision of development. We will pursue sustainable operation as the concept of enterprises. We will improve the treatment of employees and improve the quality of life as the driving force of enterprise development. If any product meed your demand, remember to feel free to contact us. We have strong production capacity and huge sales network as our guarantee, and can provide users with fast and perfect products anytime. We always believe that in the era of consumption upgrade, product innovation is the basic condition for the existence of enterprises.

Intermediate:Trimethyl pyruvic acid (TMPA)

Main Application:Atazanavir

CAS NO:815-17-8

Availability:Regularly available


We are a professional and competitive trimethyl pyruvic acid manufacturer and supplier in China. All products we supply are in line with cGMP standard and approved by SFDA(China FDA), US-FDA and EDQM respectively. Please rest assured to place orders.

Over the years, with the experience of solving practical production applications for customers, we have absorbed the essence of similar products at home and abroad to further improve the design and performance of our Double Acting High Tonnage Hydraulic Jack for OEM. We value quality as life, continuously introducing advanced production equipment, developing and training outstanding technical personnel. We have various excellent employees, responsible for product development, design, production and sales.
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