Chemical Reagent Bloom Tech 1- (2-Methoxyphenoxy) -2, 3-Epoxypropane CAS 2210-74-4

Chemical Reagent Bloom Tech 1- (2-Methoxyphenoxy) -2, 3-Epoxypropane CAS 2210-74-4
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In the development of our company, we actively advocate taking the market as the guidance, service as the engine, innovation as the driving force, reputation as the foundation, and actively expand the domestic and foreign 147118-35-2, 147098-20-2, Methocarbamol market. Pursue development by being practical and establish famous brand by innovation is our eternal business principle, and we have always diligently practiced it. Over the years, our company has maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with many excellent companies around the world, and at the same time contributes to the improvement of the industry level. We continue to provide customers with high-quality products and timely and thoughtful services, and insist on innovation to improve our service capabilities, and on this basis, we continuously optimize our organizational structure and work processes to enable our company to operate in the long run.

Intermediate:Guaiacol glycidyl ether

Main Application:Ranolazine

CAS NO:2210-74-4

Availability:By campaign


We are a professional and competitive guaiacol glycidyl ether manufacturer and supplier in China. All products we supply are in line with cGMP standard and approved by SFDA(China FDA), US-FDA and EDQM respectively. Please rest assured to place orders.

To provide you with world-leading level and high-quality Chemical Reagent Bloom Tech 1- (2-Methoxyphenoxy) -2, 3-Epoxypropane CAS 2210-74-4 at reasonable prices is the purpose of our company's survival and development. Our company has a complete and scientific quality management system, and has been widely recognized by the industry for the integrity, strength and product quality. We firmly believe that only innovative companies can remain invincible in the new competitive environment.
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