Sources Of Active Ingredients Of Drugs

1. Get from natural medicines. Natural medicines are an important part of the drug. For example, the active antimalarial ingredient artemisinin isolated from Artemisia annua L.

2. With the existing medicines as first to the thing.

(1) Drug active ingredient was found by side effects. For example: Chlorpromazine and its analogues were developed by the sedative and side effects of similar antihistamines in the structure of antipsychotic drugs.

(2) Through drug metabolism research. For example: antidepressant drugs and amitriptyline metabolites to metronidazole and to a amitriptyline, antidepressant effect than the original drug, and oxazepam diazepam is the active metabolites of pan-diazepam.

(3) The forerunner of the existing breakthrough drugs. For example: The study of Lansoprazole and other omeprazole is to Ah, omeprazole as the forerunner, its active Biome is more active.

3. Screening with pharmacological model. By combining chemical methods, a large number of different structures are constructed, and the mixture is not separated by high throughput screening, and the components are found to be separated after drug activity and the structure of active compounds is determined.

4. According to physiological and pathological mechanism design. For example: The study of fluorouracil in DNA or RNA synthesis of nucleotide uracil as a precursor compound, the 5-bit hydrogen into fluoride, making it a metabolic antagonist of normal organisms, used as antitumor drugs.