EMA Management Board: Highlights Of December 2019 Meeting Share

Press was released on 20, December of 2019.

The December meeting of EMA’s Management Board was hosted by the Dutch government as the Agency’s interim building is now closed to prepare for the move to the new EMA building in Amsterdam Zuidas in January 2020. The move to the final building opens a new chapter for EMA and will allow the Agency to fully refocus on its mission of protecting public and animal health. However, Executive Director Guido Rasi stressed the challenges that the Agency now faces in reinitiating its activities following three years of relocation and Brexit preparedness planning and postponed investment into business-critical infrastructure. At the same time, important new demands have been placed on the Agency that will need to be prioritized, such as the implementation of the new legislation for veterinary medicines and the new legislation on medical devices. At the same time, the Agency now has an available workforce of 775 which is significantly less compared to end 2017 when EMA’s relocation plans took shape.

As a consequence, in defining its work program for 2020 and beyond, EMA will focus on the core activities identified in the last phase of business continuity as a baseline and will prioritize additional tasks depending on available resources. The Agency will continue to monitor staff levels and review whether additional activities can be relaunched in June 2020.

To help the Agency make best use of available resources and be best prepared for future challenges, EMA is currently conducting an in-depth review of its organization. This future-proofing exercise will help EMA to strengthen its ability to perform important new activities together with the European regulatory network and to tackle important challenges ahead such as big data, digitalization and new scientific methods and technologies.