Adverse Reactions Of Albendazole

The side effects of this product mainly include skin flushing, vaginal dryness, excessive secretion of hair grease, gastrointestinal dysfunction (anorexia, nausea, vomiting and abdominal leakage), fatigue, depression, headache or rash. Side effects are usually mild or moderate, and are susceptible to patient tolerance.

This product of uterine bleeding occasional report, mainly appeared in the patient from the existing hormone therapy to this product in the first few weeks, if there is persistent bleeding phenomenon, need to be further evaluated.

There are reports of liver function alterations in patients with advanced breast cancer that apply this product (such as the increase of peptide enzymes and alkaline phosphatase), but many of these patients have liver metastases or bone metastases. The study of these causes of change has not been carried out. Clinical observations showed that this product could slightly increase the level of total plasma cholesterol.