Precautions for taking atorvastatin calcium

1. Blood cholesterol and serum creatine kinase should be regularly inspected during medication. In the application of this product, the blood amino metastasis enzyme may increase, with the history of liver disease to take this product should also regularly monitor liver function test.

2. In this product treatment process such as the occurrence of blood amino transfer enzyme increased up to normal limit 3 times times, or serum creatine kinase significantly increased or have myositis, pancreatitis, should be deactivated.

3. In the application of this product, such as hypotension, severe acute infections, trauma, metabolic disorders, and so on, should be aware of the possible occurrence of secondary renal failure after the dissolution of muscle.

4. Renal insufficiency should reduce the dosage of this product.

5. This product is appropriate with the diet to facilitate absorption.

6. Dietary therapy has always been the primary method of treatment of hyperlipidemia, strengthening exercise and weight loss, etc., will be better than any form of medication.